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About Us

I'm Mike and my partner in life and in this business is my wife of 38 years, Julie. The family calls us Mimi and Pops. Several years ago we were both stressed out from trying to keep up with all the other rats in the race. Our choices about where to live, what to eat, how active to be, and what really matters to us have placed us in a position to be ambassadors for a healthier lifestyle and for this island. Take a look at the what we offer, come try some of them out, and let us help you make some choices that can lead you to a happier, healthier life as well. As I said, the family calls us Mimi and Pops -- come be a part of our family. 

Mike and Julie have the following certifications and endorsements:

American Red Cross adult/pediatric first aid, CPR, AED    

ACA  Coastal Day Trip Leaders

Texas Parks and Wildlife Fishing Guide (Paddlecraft) 

Mike is also a certified school teacher so if you would like to bring some of your students out for an educational adventure ask about our "U-Call-It" tour for students.