Christmas Lights Tour

Each year Moody Gardens puts on a Christmas light "Festival of Lights" extravaganza. Come take a moonlight ride with us to get a waterside view.  No Self-Guided Tours. Minimum age: 16

Sunset Cruise

We leave the dock about two hours before sunset and we will get out to the bay about the time the sun begins its evening show. Bring your favorite beverage and we'll toast the end of another beautiful island day.

Birdwatching Tour

Our island is in the migratory path of many of the birds traveling through North America. Some of those traveling north make their first stop in Galveston while those headed south use us as a final rest stop. Others provide us glimpses of their beauty year round.

Wetlands Tour

A relaxing ride around and through some of our wetlands areas seeing some of the wildlife and getting a firsthand look at the local ecosystem.

Fireworks Tour

Friday nights at Moody Gardens offers us the chance to hear a song or two from the band that is playing then sit under the fireworks as they light up the sky directly above us. 


If you don't see something you like, call us. We have worked with people for special events like birthdays or bachelor/bachelorette parties, school groups, "drop offs" (Several couples have asked to be dropped off on one of the islands/sandbars in the bay with chairs, a cooler and a bottle of wine to celebrate their anniversary as they watch the sunset), and we have had one proposal on one of our "U-call-it" tours -- She said YES!