Bicycle Tours



Ferry Tour: This ride begins with a 2 mile ride down the Galveston Seawall then takes a scenic turn through the east end residential area to the Bolivar Ferry. Once there you will leave the bikes and walk aboard the ferry. Crossing the Bolivar Channel you will likely see dolphins cruising in the ferry’s wake, pelicans cruising the skies above, the old concrete ship with its accompanying story, and other boats and ships of various sizes. Once back on shore you will return to the seawall through the East End Historic district with its beautiful homes.

Price Per Person: $50

 Carved Tree Tour: Hurricane Ike caused the destruction of 1000’s of Galveston’s majestic trees. Many of them planted shortly after the 1900 storm making some of them over 100 years old. In an effort to retain some of their beauty and remind us of their past, some homeowners have enlisted the services of wood sculpture artists to create something memorable and beautiful from their “ashes.” All are impressive to look at and some come with unique stories that give a glimpse into the lives of the homeowners and of our little sandbar.

Price Per Person: $50

Seawall Tour: Galveston has a unique place in our history. Much of the seawall frontage was used as a military protection point with forts and major gun batteries. The seawall itself was a major undertaking after the 1900 storm and the view it provides of the city and the Gulf of Mexico makes for a peaceful yet exhilarating ride.

Price Per Person: $50

Self Guided Tours: We'll give you the bikes, a map, a lock and our recommendations for good places to eat and drink then leave you alone to enjoy the island.

Price Per Person: $30



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